Common Car Air Condition Problems

Air conditioner is an important feature of a car. If the A/C of a car is broken it might make the ride very unpleasant as a broken A/C might lead to stuffy, uncomfortable or pungent atmosphere inside the car. There can be various issues behind a disruptive A/C, and those possible reasons are given below.
This thing I came to know from my car mechanic in Larkin Automotive , I guess it’s worth it to share with you guys.

Leaking Refrigerant

There are many times when you may notice oily substances around the hose connection. This indicates that there is a leakage somewhere in the refrigerant. Frequent leaks happen more during the winter season than summer since A/C isn’t used often in that time. So the seals around the unit hose connection dry out and it ends up with refrigerant leakage. 

Solution: A sealant can be used to repair the leak with ease.

Defect in Cooling Fan

Cooling fan works by taking out the excess heat from the engines. If the cooling fan is broken, the car cannot emit cool air. As a result, it will disrupt air quality of the car. Debris often ends up getting accumulated inside the cooling fan which affects its function. However, electrical issue, blown fuse and other reasons can also disrupt its performance.  

Solution: This problem mostly requires pro inspections.

Blocked Condenser

A condenser basically cools the hot refrigerant after being compressed. And the air flow through the front of the car is utilized for this process. But often times, debris can also get inside with the air leading to blocking condenser. If it gets blocked, it won`t be able to cool the refrigerant. Hence, the refrigerant will get overheated and the air conditioner will start emitting hot air. 

Solution: If the condenser is at the front side of your car which is easily visible, then you can remove the debris that is blocking the condenser just by removing the vent grill. 

Broken Condenser

Sometimes, debris might not be seen inside the condenser but you can notice the punctures. These punctures are also caused by debris that ends up disrupting the function. 

Solution: It’s not possible to repair broken condenser. But replacing can be a perfect option. 

Defective Compressor

It is the compressor that helps the refrigerant in circulating cool air. Moreover, it also keeps the A/C moving. But if the clutch does not work or you hear any high pitched sound while the A/C is on, it indicates that there is a problem with the compressor. 

Compressors can go bad if you don’t use them for a long time. It can happen during summer after a long winter due to the sudden shock it gets. 

Solution: You can avert this issue by using the compressor from time to time. As a result, it will help in keeping the compressor in a good state. But if in case, you find it broken, you may need to seek professional help.

Electrical Issues

There can be various types of electrical issues. If it is visible like broken wires, you can repair it on your own. However, if the problem is internal, then it will require expert`s care.

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