How regular should I clean oven?

How Regular Should I Clean Oven?

All those delicious recipes and cakes you see online just make you so hungry, don’t they? But, they cost so much in restaurants and home delivery is even more expensive. You can both feel productive and save some money by baking and cooking at home.

The oven is a long-term investment because it saves so much money for you. But, something that helps you so much is not to be taken for granted. You have to take care of your oven. You gotta keep your oven clean.

The best way to take care of your oven is to clean it regularly. If you do not clean it, not only ill it grows inefficient but will also ruin the flavor of your dishes.

Now, how ‘regularly’ is regularly? Does it mean you have to clean your oven every day? Or, do you have to clean it once a year?

Apparently, the frequency depends. The things it depends on are mentioned below.

How frequently do you use your oven? 

Do you use your oven more often than you use your stove? Or, do you use your oven once every two days? The more frequently you use our oven, the more often you have to clean it.

If you do not use it very often then a cleanse once or twice a year will do too. But, if you do use it often then you may have to clean it every three months.

Do you notice dirt? 

When you look at your oven, you should be able to tell how dirty it is. Apparently, the inside will have residues, crusts, or grease on it. Now, some of the crust and residue can be removed by just a rub. But, if the buildup is a lot, you will have to give your oven a thorough cleanse.

The thorough cleanse will usually take a whole day because the cleaner needs time to do its magic. You can tell if the oven is dirty by looking at the oven glass too. If the glass is brownish covered with burnt food residue- your oven definitely needs a cleanse.

Does your food smell weird?

If you have left your oven unattended for too long then you may not even be able to detect it. The residue may be so burnt that you may consider it to be a part of the oven itself. You may think that the walls of the oven have always been brown instead of silver.

But, it finds a way to tell you it needs care. Apparently, the oven will change the flavor or taste of your food. Because the grease will melt and the odor will get into the food you are baking.

This is actually the worst that can happen. Clean your oven immediately if it does.

Final Words

As you can see there is no fixed time for cleaning an oven. However, you have to take a good look at your oven regularly to see if it needs cleaning. A thorough clean is not necessary after every use but a slight rub to remove the residue will take you a long way.

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