Things To Look For If Going for A Log Cabin Purchase

Things To Look For If Going for A Log Cabin Purchase

If you are planning to buy an existing log cabin purchase, then there are a lot of things you need to think of. Because, you cannot just spend money on something that will work to ruin your investment and mood rather than making you happy. 

If you want to get the perfect home to enjoy nature, then you will need to take some factors into consideration. And in this write, you will get to know all of them that you can make sure whatever you are choosing is just made for you. 

Check for Insect Activity

There are many insects like termite or beetles that love to eat wood resulting in its destruction. For this, you have to inspect the cabin carefully for insect activity. This will save your from buying a cabin that demands an overhaul 6 months down the road. 

It will be best if you hire a pest control for the home inspection. Although it will take a few bucks, but you will at least know if you are getting a dream house or inviting trouble. 

It is also particularly essential if you do not know the signs of wood-boring or insect activity.

Examine the Wood

On all sides of the house, you have to take a hard look at the wood. Check if the joints have been properly chinked. If not, then chances are there that the cabin could lack structural integrity. 

A lack of chinking means either you have to chink it yourself as soon as you purchase the cabin or give up on it. 

Check signs of mold, mildew, rot, moisture damage and other issues with the logs. You might notice some imperfections in the logs but they are signs of purity and character. So, you can avoid those flaws and look for the troubling ones. 

Look for Overhangs

UV rays and moisture are two of the most significant enemies of log cabin. For this, many homes comes with deep eaves and overhangs. They don’t only offer shade for the cabin but also incite rain to run off the roof to the ground. 

For the protection of the cabin against UV and moisture damage, you can use log home supplies. However the good news is, if you get overhangs, these will help in stopping the problem before it starts. 

Since you will be buying an existing log cabin, you may would like to add this factor to your priority list.

Examine the Interior

It’s normal that you will get enchanted by the exterior aesthetic look of the log cabin. But, make sure you don’t stop the inspection on the porch. 

You will need to go inside and take a thorough look at it for checking signs of damages. If the inside part has drywall, look for warping or darks marks on walls. You will also need to inspect the ceilings. Check if there is any sign of discoloration or sagging. Check if it has mold or mildew issues as well. 

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